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Tesla has added a brand-new, optional method to its referral program

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    Tesla has introduced a new way to earn credits through its Referral Program that does not necessitate the referred person to buy a car.

    Tesla has added Demo Drives in the U.S. for people to earn credits for simply getting a non-Tesla owner to take a test drive.

    Every person that test drives a vehicle at a showroom and uses your referral code will qualify you for 100 credits.

    Have a friend that needs to drive a Tesla in order to make the switch to electric?

    Refer them to take a Demo Drive in the US and earn credits upon completion. Your referral will automatically apply to their order, when they decide to buy too! pic.twitter.com/EeWKx991cA

    — Taylor Robinette (@twrobinette) July 28, 2023

    The best way to perhaps give someone even a hint of an idea of buying an EV is to let them experience it for themselves. It is vastly different from any combustion engine vehicle, and Teslas offer an experience that is even unique to other EVs.

    It is a great way to perhaps spark someone’s interest and could translate to more referral credits in the future if they ultimately decide to ditch their current car or add a Tesla to their garage.

    The Referral Program has been around for several years and has previously incentivized people to spread the word about Tesla’s vehicles and Energy products.

    The program has offered things like money off a new purchase, Supercharging miles, and Full Self-Driving, and has even helped people take delivery of a new vehicle for free thanks to a raffle.

    Tesla gave away a Model Y to a Referral Program winner

    While the Referral Program is active in several markets, this offer is exclusive to U.S. Tesla owners, and there is currently no word on whether it will be added to Europe, Asia, or Australia, where the program is currently active.

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    Tesla adds new method to Referral Program that doesn’t require a purchase



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